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In 2012, four friends decided to explore the world of winemaking after living in The City. What started off as a side hobby quickly turned into a passion project in winemaking and future business venture.

What to call it? Something fun, something catchy, something memorable but tying to our now established roots yet still paying homage to the history the city and wine region. [ess·eff] wines came to be, a phonetic play on the abbrevation of S.F., representing the past and future of this great city, harkening back to the first time we crossed the Golden Gate to the Sonoma County wine region.



We got into the business to produce approachable, food-friendly wines that can also age well. It's a fine balance, and balance is what we seek. This comes down to the fruit we source, how we handle it, the sugar, the acid, the alcohol, how we age the wine and finally blending and bottling.


All this comes together to form a portfolio of wines we are proud of, while respecting their origins from the vineyards of Northern California to your glass somewhere in San Francisco or beyond.


Jeremy Barry, Chip O'Connell,
Ethan Smith & Tom Witczak
[ess·eff] wines

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