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[ess·eff] wines featured in Piedmont Post

As a follow on to our success at the North Coast Wine and Food festival, the Piedmont Post wrote us up in their section of the paper called "The Wine Corner", authored by none other than Pierre DuMont, local wine critic (not the 19th century French painter, or maybe it is...).

And, NO, there is not an online edition of the newspaper.

See it here on page 28!

2016 ess eff Pinot Noir

Keller Estate ($42) This was a pleasant first time encounter with a winery that produces this wine in San Francisco from Sonoma County grapes. Rich and round, this firmly structured red shows nuances of cherry, cranberry and vanilla. In the mouth it is soft and round with a smooth, easy finish. While it will pair with many foods, it is also delicious just by itself.

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